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What We Do

Equal Strategy delivers music, fragrance and “recorded telephone messages on hold” to businesses in a scientific way that enhances the overall customer experience of the brand and causes the customer to stay longer and buy more!

Equal Strategy is the only company in Asia that specialises in deploying music and scent marketing solutions to business where the two senses are stimulated in synergy with each other based upon brand and scientific behavioural research.

The application of scent marketing and music styling techniques, and how they reflect your brand while influencing your customers’ behaviour, are at the core our business.

Leading luxury brands; Marina Bay Sands, Solaire, Resorts World Singapore, Starwood, Citibank, UOB Privilege Reserve, Private Banks, Level 33, New Balance and Brotzeit, are testament to our knowledgeable consulting, beautiful and unique fragrances where no two clients smell the same, best of breed technology, while backed by a dedicated attentive “hands on” client management and technical support team.

How It Works

Sound and smell deliver stimuli directly to the memory centre of the brain, influencing behaviour and creating suggestion at both the conscious and unconscious levels.

Decades of scientific behavioural research into the habits of consumers has found that “consumer arousal” can be either stimulated or suppressed through the use of mood settings like music and fragrance.

We harness the power of the only sense directly connected to the brains centre for memory and emotion, and combined with music, engineer and deliver consistent experiences where customers fall in love with your brand.

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