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Equal Strategy Showcases “Sensory Branding” Solutions At Retail Solutions World 2008

April 2008

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Singapore-based sensory brand consultancy Equal Strategy will be exhibiting their unique approach to environmental branding at Retail Solutions World at Suntec Singapore from 9-11th April 2008.

The company, run by British sensory branding guru Simon A. Faure-Field, has been at the forefront of driving and building demand for these techniques in the retail industry for the past several years.

Faure-Field advises retail companies on how to “scientifically” introduce touch points such as music, fragrance and ambient lighting into retail environments such as shops, stores, banks, car dealerships and airports. His company, which is the only one of its kind in Asia to effectively integrate the different sensory elements, is used by Mercedes-Benz, Courts, OCBC Bank, DBS Bank, and a multitude of hotel chains across Asia.

In a recent interview Faure-Field gave to Sky Radio Network, which provides radio programming to some of the largest airlines in the world, including United, American, Delta, Northwest, US Airways and America West, Faure-Field made the following observations.

“We use a scientific and systematic approach to combining the two. As humans we’re affected by the appeal of our surroundings and our surroundings influence our behaviour.” Low tempo music used in supermarkets, explained Faure-Field, had the effect of increasing sales by 38%. Meanwhile, according to a study by Nike, the subtle fragrancing of their trainers caused customers to want to spend $10-15 more on the fragranced (as opposed to the non-fragranced) product.

Said Faure-Field, “The use of fragrancing really started off in the hospitality industry with such chains as Westin diffusing signature fragrances in their lobby areas to create a sensory association in the minds of their visitors and guests. Music was also standardised to create a consistent experience in all the properties’ different lobbies around the world.”

At Retail Solutions World 2008, visitors to Equal Strategy’s booth (number ??) will be able to experience a wide variety of fragrances that can be introduced into the retail environment. They range from high arousal scents designed to get shoppers “pumped up” to more low arousal ones which have the opposite calming effect on customers.
Also, Faure-Field’s stand will be pumping out some interesting ambient mood music and cool grooves of the kind which go well in any retail environment to create the right ambience and product/brand synergy.

“Retail Solutions World 2008 is a great platform for us to communicate these exciting new sensory branding techniques as applied to the retail industry. We’re really looking forward to the show and hope to convert many interested visitors to satisfied clients at the end of the three days,” said Faure-Field.

Equal Strategy will also be previewing its new range of ambient lighting – Lumea – which provides Food & Beverage businesses with a new, completely safe and clean alternative to traditional candles and tea lights in restaurant settings. This new line will be rolled out at Food and Hotel Asia 2008 later in the month.

About Equal Strategy

Equal Strategy delivers “music”, “fragrance” and “recorded telephone messages on hold” to businesses in a scientific way that enhances the overall customer experience of the brand and causes the customer to stay longer and buy more! Equal Strategy is the only company in Asia that specialises in deploying “music” and “fragrance” solutions to business where the two senses are stimulated in synergy with each other. Sound and smell deliver stimuli directly to the memory centres of the brain, influencing behaviour and creating suggestion at both the conscious and unconscious levels. Decades of behavioural research into the habits of consumers has found that “consumer arousal” can be either stimulated or suppressed through the use of mood settings like music and fragrance.

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