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Our Partners

Equal Strategy works with a number of Strategic Business Partners.

We work with a common set of values and principles – offering clients the same high service standards.

Brandt Intl

Brandt specialises in training, consulting and business transformation outsourcing.

Madison Avenue Marketing Group

One name delivers all Point-Of-Entry Marketing solutions: Madison Avenue Marketing Group. Three separate but unified agencies fall under the Mad Ave Group umbrella: BusinessVoice, WebArt and SensoryMax. Individually, they each provide comprehensive services that help you attract new customers, as well as build customer share by capitalising on your existing relationships. Together, they help you deliver a more complete and consistent customer experience on the phone, on-site and online, and while driving specific consumer behaviours.

Purple Strategic Insight

Purple provides strategic brand consultancy for its clients across Asia.

Rhea Consulting

Rhea Consulting specializes in customer management strategies, contact centres, people and profitability.

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