Enhancer – Telephone Messages On Hold

Enhancer provides your customers music and messages on hold while, converting a source of frustration into an informative, brand aligned, and even enjoyable experience.

Enhancer allows businesses to enhance the quality of their on hold telephone experience, encouraging loyalty and generating new business.

Increase revenue

  • Support current campaigns
  • Highlight existing products and services
  • Introduce new products and services
  • Advertise specials, promotions and sales

Improve customer satisfaction

  • Reduce caller frustration
  • Reduce abandoned calls
  • Thank callers for their support
  • Provide tips and problem solving

Enhance your image

  • Brand aligned experience
  • Reflect your positioning
  • Company awards / honors
  • Community service projects
  • Charities your company supports
  • Upcoming community events

Operational efficiency

  • Best of class technology
  • Best of class methodology
  • Proactive account management
  • Save thousands on music performance rights

The design of your Enhancer program starts with the discovery stage. Our Consultants establish a good understanding of your business, its objectives, and identify how Enhancer will create value.

From our discussions we will determine your caller profile; the frequency and schedule of your new productions; their type, length and languages used; the best suited technology and any other areas we can help.

By asking the right questions and applying years of experience, we design a program that will best fit your business needs.

We will also propose background music styles, voice talent and delivery styles to best represent your brand in the context it will be experienced.

This is followed by scripting, professional Asian voice talents, royalty paid background music and installation of our remote download equipment.

One of our points of differentiation is our pro-active account management.

We ensure value is created “consistently” year after year. Recordings are kept fresh, interesting and informative, and aligned with the agreed strategy. Our Client Services team contacts you in advance of each recording’s due date.

Periodic reviews by our Account Management team ensure the strategy is aligned and integrated within your overall business objectives while your emerging needs are identified and addressed.

Enhancer includes:

  • Strategic planning
  • Content Design
  • Script writing
  • Professional voice talent
  • Background music (rights paid)
  • Remote download equipment
  • Sophisticated scheduling
  • Weekly monitoring
  • Proactive Content Management
  • Account Management

5 Steps to creating superb customer experience

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Equal Strategy is the only accredited member in Asia of the On Hold Messaging Association. The body promotes ethical and professional business practices, enhancing the relationship between member agencies and their clients through education, self-regulation, and service and support excellence. Equal Strategy has been a member since 2004

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