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Scent Marketing

Businesses place great emphasis on the look of their customer environments, and often overlook the ambiance and mood created by its sensory appeal, and more importantly, how this effects their customers.

We substantially enhance the quality and effectiveness of our clients’ environments using fragrances that evoke the most appropriate memories and mood.

By selecting the right fragrances we can create a relaxed environment, reducing stress and anxiety levels in your customers, increasing sales and building customer loyalty.

We also develop signature fragrances for clients – to further differentiate their brand experiences from those of competitors.

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Music Styling

Music has the flexibility to influence everything from the strategic positioning of a brand to more tactical requirements like delivering music that fits a particular time of the day or period of the year.

Our licensed major and private label libraries have over five million tracks covering all music genres.

Daily updates and scheduling keep content fresh and relevant and Equal Strategy’s technology means that different music profiles can be delivered to different locations in the same building.

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Lumea-Ambient Lighting

The correct lighting has the ability to create the perfect ambiance for clients in the Food and Beverage industry. The perfect finishing touch to compliment our Music Styling and Fragrance services.

Simple and effective, Lumea liquid wax candles and candle holders transform a bar or restaurant from somewhere ordinary into incredibly special.

Imagine combining the perfect choice of music, a unique and subtle fragrance with soothing lighting to create a truly multi-sensory customer experience.

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