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Equal Strategy Nominated As Finalist For British Business Awards 2007

October 2007

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Environmental brand consulting company Equal Strategy (Singapore) Pte Ltd has been nominated as a finalist in the British Business Awards 2007. The British Business Awards recognises and rewards outstanding British or British related companies in their sector or industry. It is organised by the British Chamber of Commerce in Singapore.

This year the organiser is presenting Awards to the top companies in eleven categories most important to the future of Britain and Singapore’s continued economic growth and prosperity. The event is to be held on 18th October at Swissotel, The Stamford and the Guest of Honour will be Lord Powell of Bayswater, KCMG, the former Private Secretary and Adviser on Foreign Affairs and Defence to Prime Ministers Margaret Thatcher and John Major. To highlight the strong relations between Britain and Singapore the British High Commissioner will also present an Award on behalf of the British Government UKTI to a Singapore company for its investment in, and contribution to Britain.

The finalists and winners have been selected by a panel of judges who are recognised authorities in their industry and sector. Mr. Simon A. Faure-Field, founder and CEO of Equal Strategy, said he was honoured to have been nominated for this prestigious award by the British Chamber of Commerce.

Mr Faure-Field is the only consultant in Asia Pacific specializing in combining music with fragrance to synergise a consistent brand experience for customers. His work is solidly grounded in behavioural science research and draws extensively upon the finds of researchers in the field of effects of background music and atmosphere on retail environments. In the retail arena, studies by Areni and Kim, for example, noted that music can be a critical component of store atmosphere, playing a role in the decision-making processes.

Their studies, and others, show that if shoppers stay longer and travel slowly through a store, they are likely to purchase more. Another study by Milliman found that the tempo of music can affect a shopper’s pace of movement around the store. For this reason the music tempo at Borders is slow and relaxed. Creating the right ambience in a store through music can have other benefits too, such as facilitating discussion between customers and sales staff, something that can be carried over into the hospitality field.

Faure-Field collaborates with world renowned fragrance house Belmay and Australian company Brandaroma to design fragrances which can be customised for particular brands. The system, which creates an aerosolised fragrance deliverable through the property’s air conditioning system, also has the ability to cancel out malodorous smells like body odour and residual cooking smells emanating from kitchens and food preparation areas. Odourfoyl has the ability to actually change the genetic structure of bad smells so that the brain can no longer recognise them.

Equal Strategy has worked extensively with major hotel chains like Westin, Starwood and Pan Pacific, as well as boutiqe properties like M Hotel and the recently opened Naumi, on spatial branding solutions. In addition, Faure-Field has advised retailers and financial institutions like Courts, Mercedes-Benz, OCBC Malaysia and Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank. The company is the only one of its kind in the Asia region advising forward-thinking retailers and hoteliers on the deployment of these leading edge sensory brand techniques.

About Equal Strategy

Equal Strategy delivers “music”, “fragrance” and “recorded telephone messages on hold” to businesses in a scientific way that enhances the overall customer experience of the brand and causes the customer to stay longer and buy more! Equal Strategy is the only company in Asia that specialises in deploying “music” and “fragrance” solutions to business where the two senses are stimulated in synergy with each other. Sound and smell deliver stimuli directly to the memory centres of the brain, influencing behaviour and creating suggestion at both the conscious and unconscious levels. Decades of behavioural research into the habits of consumers has found that “consumer arousal” can be either stimulated or suppressed through the use of mood settings like music and fragrance.

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