Location Media Management – In-store Music Styling

Businesses place great emphasis on the look of their customer environments, and often overlook the ambiance and mood created by music, and more importantly, how this effects their customers.

      Music is so flexible it can be used to support :
  • Strategic positioning of your brand
  • Tactical requirements
  • Customer behavior


2 million tracks in our licensed library cover all major genres and are professionally programmed to create your desired atmosphere.

Save thousands each year on your performance licensing. Ask for the Independent Artist library.

Select music targeted at a specific demographic to create an atmosphere that’s more appealing to your ideal customers.

Manage the pace of your customers, slow or speed up table turns, and decrease perceived waiting times. Use music tempo to your advantage.

Increase productivity. With our continuous, uninterrupted music, your employees won’t spend time selecting and programming CDs, or calling for radio requests or contests.

Different music all day, every day…

The ability to interlace audio messages helps retailers inform and entertain shoppers helping them make the right buying decision.

Think of the possibilities…

Reinforce your brand marketing efforts, while promoting the “top-of-mind” awareness of specific products.

Increase the exposure of your products to potential customers. These “impressions” can remind shoppers about their need for your product, leading to impulse purchases.

Inform customers of in-store specials, current promotions, or different departments.

Promote unadvertised sales, higher margin items, or seasonal merchandise.

Communicate with an entire store full of customers at once (Unlike visual displays that only cover an aisle).

Reduces clutter. Unlike visual displays, LMM doesn’t take up valuable floor or shelf space but reaches the whole floor area.

Messages Matter! – Arbitron Study
The Retail Media Study showed the power of interlacing audio messages with music in retail environments.

The key results were:
41% had made a purchase they had not planned on making after hearing a retail audio promotional announcement.

36% purchased a different brand from the one they had originally intended after hearing a retail audio promotional announcement.

5 Steps to creating superb customer experience

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