IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

A properly functioning IVR system allows you to enhance customer satisfaction, improve customer loyalty, up-sell and cross-sell services and improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your contact centre.

Your IVR should enable your customers to do business with you in a way that reflects your brand and your values.

For most businesses, IVR is the most important touch point with their customers. But everyone knows a bad IVR and most people hate using them.

Does this sound like your IVR ?
“Our customers hang up frequently in our IVR”
“Our competitor’s IVR sounds better than ours”
“Our customers find our IVR hard to get around and they tell us that they get lost in it. It’s not a good customer experience”

There’s plenty of room for improvement in customer service automation, but most companies just don’t know where to start.

Find out about IVR benchmarking and usability audits

We can fix your IVR system and enhance your customer experience using our three phase approach.

Phase 1
Comprehensively audit your existing IVR (76 indices)
Benchmark against global standards

Phase 2
Comprehensive competitor review
Enhance call flows – Best Practice
Strategic change management

  • Stakeholder management and involvement
  • Strategic direction
  • Communication plan

Phase 3
Content Management

  • Call flows & scripts
  • Translations & voice talent
  • Production
  • Ongoing content management

Think about…

  • Your IVR utilisation of inbound
    calls ?
  • % calls, handled daily by CSRs
  • CSR $ cost per call ?
  • Annual operating cost $ ?

How does your utilisation rate compare against industry benchmarks ? compare against industry benchmarks ?

How much would you save annually if IVR user adoption increased by 15% ? How about 25% ?
if IVR user adoption increased by 15% ? How about 25% ?

Contact us if you would like to increase IVR utilisation and reduce operating costs

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