Music Branding For Hotels

Immerse your guests in the aura of your brand throughout their customer journey


Music Branding For Hotels

Nowadays, hotels are no longer sufficient for hotels to provide customers high-quality service and excellent amenities because every other hotel is doing the same – so how exactly can you make your brand stand out? Music branding may be the solution!

How Can I Develop A Music Branding Strategy For My Hotel?

The most important first step of developing a music branding strategy is to define your brand’s unique attributes – what are your brand values, promise, and personality? Based on that brand definition and positioning, you can develop a music branding strategy that complements the interior design, architecture, and overall feel of your hotel.

Read on to find out how music can be customised to the different customer touchpoints in your hospitality business to make every interaction with your guests count.

Foreground & Background Music

Customised background & foreground music can be played in the various physical touchpoints in your hotel, such as the lobby, bar & restaurant, pool & gym, room and more.

Different variations of your brand sound can be played in the different locations of your hotel depending on the type of vibes you are going for.

For example, you may opt for relaxing and subtle music to be played at pool and spa areas because those are places that guests usually visit to unwind after a long flight or an intense day of meetings.

For the gym, opt for lively and energetic music to help gym-goers get into the mood to work up a good sweat.

Telephone Music & Messaging

Creating a music-on-hold messaging strategy that accurately reflects your brand story offers many benefits to your hospitality business – it can improve customer experience and satisfaction, caller retention, generate new sales and improve your brand recognition.

On top of that, telephone on-hold messaging takes the strain off your human resources. With on-hold messaging, you can keep your callers up to speed with your selection of food and beverage outlets, website, location, facilities, latest promotions, and the amazing rooms and amenities at your hotel. 

Let us help you develop a music branding strategy that sets your hotel apart from the rest! Contact us today.