Creating unique sensory experiences for your brand

Experience Design

An Integrated Approach

We’ll work closely with you to engineer, rejuvenate, and enrich the totality of your customer’s experiences across multiple touchpoints, partnering you every step of the way to deliver memorable, stimulating and inspiring interactions which build brand loyalty. We’ll see your brand through and maximise your audience connection.


80% of our decisions are influenced by what we smell.

Equal Strategy’s bespoke fragrancing services help clients build deeper emotional bonds between their customers and their brands.

Fragrances concepts are designed to reflect the brand’s personality and positioning and create the desired mood of a space.

They bring it to life in new ways, enhancing other ambient approaches and more traditional expressions of the brand. They make new connections between brands and their customers.

Equal Strategy uses the services of Drom, one of the world’s top three fine fragrance houses that provide fragrances for some of the world’s top brands.

Fragrances are a powerful brand-building tool because our sense of smell is the only sense directly linked to the centre for memory and emotion in our brain.

In this way, fragrances have the ability to generate positive emotions creating changes in mood and behaviour which in turn lead to a more positive and enjoyable customer experience.

Bespoke Fragrance Services

Our full fragrancing service offers a totally bespoke solution which is ideal for hotel lobbies, retail spaces and guest environments.

Scented Paper

Scent lacquer can be applied to brochures, cards etc to extend the reach of your brand.

Scented Events

We offer fragrancing for outdoor events – like the Formula 1 races in Singapore. Featuring our turbo fans and 5 litre fragrance bottles.

Scented Limousines

Designed for a car or limousine to bring your brand to one of the first customer touch points, we use a special car diffuser using liquid scent.

Scented Elevators

Designed specially for small spaces like elevators and guest rooms our Polymer resin strip is easy and quick to install and replace. Choose from a range of fragrances to meet your particular needs.

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Background & Foreground Music

Why Music Matters

Music contributes to positive moods and favourable decisions.

By making powerful and often personal emotive connections, music has the flexibility to influence everything from the perceived strategic positioning of a brand to more tactical outcomes like purchasing decisions.

Our licensed major and emerging artist libraries contain over eight million tracks to provide your business with a styled and unique signature sound.

Media players are remotely managed and network-based to keep content fresh and relevant to enable daily content updates and 30-day scheduling.

Equal Strategy’s cutting-edge technology means different music profiles can be delivered to different locations in the same building. It also means you can implement and maintain consistency across global locations.


We work with you on selecting the right playlist to meet your needs and keep you on brand. Think of us as your personal music curators.

Creating Tangible Value

  • Touchpoints become a point of differentiation that fully support your brand.
  • You achieve a consistent customer experience across outlets to enhance your brand image and build brand equity.


From a practical point of view, we offer one point of contact; create, manage and update as well as the rapid rollout of new content (literally overnight!)


Increasing sales, wallet share and revenue per guest as well as Improving overall profitability. With Equal Strategy, you can also reduce the operating cost of conventional music licensing.

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Telephone Music & Messaging

The Forgotten Touchpoint

The telephone is among the most frequently used and important brand touch points.

However, callers are often disappointed or frustrated when they try to reach a company by telephone. Their experience simply doesn’t match the glossy print ads and TV commercials.

For even great brands, this can be a point of vulnerability. It’s a major reason customers switch brands and one of the most effective ways to erode hard-won brand equity.

Well-designed telephone on-hold experiences retain more callers, and well constructed

Call Automation systems allow callers to get the response they want quickly and efficiently, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Enhancer – Telephone on Hold Messaging

Enhancer provides callers with brand-aligned music and interlaced messages.

Your customers will hear messages voiced by International and Asian, professional radio and television presenters.

The result is a positive and enjoyable on-hold telephone experience.

Content can be scheduled to suit specific requirements for time and day of the week and updated to meet tactical messaging requirements for particular food and beverage outlets or spa programmes.

Call Automation (IVR – Interactive Voice Response)

A properly functioning IVR system allows you to enhance customer satisfaction, improve customer loyalty, up-sell and cross-sell services and improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your contact centre.

Your IVR should enable your customers to do business with you in a way that reflects your brand and your values.

For most businesses, IVR is their customers’ most important touch point, but most people hate using it. Not any longer!

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