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Simon Faure-Field has turned smell, sound and lighting into a business.

Simon Faure­-Field uses techniques that make hotel lobbies, bank branches and  shops more attractive to spend time in.

A British expat is helping to put smiles on millions of people’s faces across Asia with his award-­winning mix of signature smells and background music.

For more than a decade now, Simon Faure­-Field has been at the cutting edge of techniques that make hotel lobbies, bank branches and shops more attractive to spend time in.

While expats in the region may not have heard of his name, there is a good chance they will have smelt the fragrances, listened to the music or seen the lighting he has created.

The “customer experiences” Mr Faure­-Field designs have been adopted by a wide variety of retailers, hospitality companies and large corporations throughout Asia who want to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Using a Science Based Approach – Music & Scent

He said: “There is a direct correlation between customers’ time spent in a store and a store’s sales, so what stores want to do is to increase the time customers spent in their store by creating the right mood and environment.”

Different genres of music can create different experiences for customers. For example, fast tempo music, labelled in the industry as “high arousal”, will excite and energise a customer and might be appropriate for electrical retailers.

At the other extreme, more soothing and slow ­tempo music is used when a brand wants customers to slow down and spend more time relaxing in the environment, such as a furniture store or bank branch.

Exclusive Premium Fine Fragrances, Each with Over 40 Ingredients

Mr Faure­-Field’s Singapore­ based consultancy Equal Strategy works with global fragrance houses such as Gucci and Dunhill to craft bespoke aromas for a particular space. He then combines it with carefully selected sounds and lighting to create the desired experience.

Client Portfolio of Major Brands

His clients include Standard Chartered in Hong Kong, the iconic Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore, retailer New Balance in China and Mercedes­ Benz. The list of hotels and resorts he has worked with now totals more than 40 in Asia.

His latest project involves enhancing customer experiences at the MGM casino & integrated resort in Vietnam.

Mr Faure­ Field, 42, added: “This technique has been used for longer in North America and Europe but on a much more mass ­market level. In Asia, because of the smaller scale it is more sophisticated. Our fine-fragrances have more than 45 different ingredients.”

What’s Next – Brand Extensions; Scented Paper & Scented Homes

So what next for “sensory branding” techniques? “We’re working on adding fragrances to paper, stationery and cleaning solutions. We want people to fall in love with the space and build an emotional connection.”

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