What is telephone
and Marketing

Reinforce your brand, highlight your unique qualities,
and professionally present your business to callers
while your customers wait.

Create Engaging Experiences

Your telephone on-hold messaging and music are the first impression to your callers – make it memorable and build trust with our tailored solution.

Why Do Businesses Use Audio Branding?

It creates a memorable and distinct brand experience consistent with your touchpoints

Bring another dimension to your brand experience by adding sound or music to your telephone experience.

Replace the generic and often annoying music with an engaging and informative production to communicate and amplify your brand personality.

We develop an effective audio branding strategy that best communicates your brand values, evokes the appropriate emotions, and share why your business is their best choice.

Influence customers’ moods and purchase decisions

The power of sound in eliciting emotional responses has been proven by science and is not to be underestimated.

Sound has long been used by companies to influence customers across multiple touchpoints.

For example, playing gentle and ambient music can calm customers waiting, shortening their perception of time.

Increase trust in your brand

Customers’ trust is your brand’s most important asset, and the best way to build that trust is to project a consistent experience across all channels.

A customised audio strategy that expresses your brand values can bring congruity to your brand experience and support trust-building with your customers.

Types Of Messaging Content

Strategic Messaging

Highlight your unique qualities and reinforce your competitive advantages. Share and inform your latest short-term and long-term promotions.

Brand Messaging

Enhance customer satisfaction with well-designed On Hold Messaging and Call Automation systems.

Designing a positive and enjoyable on-hold telephone experience is crucial to retaining customers, while a proper call automation system enables swift responses and improves the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your contact centre.

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