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On Hold Marketing Solutions & IVR Solutions


The telephone is the most frequently used and most important touch point. Do your callers have an experience
that is as impressive as your print ads and TV commercials ?

Why not convert a potential source of customer frustration into an entertaining and informative experience?


Provides your callers music and messages on hold, converting a source of frustration into an informative, brand aligned, and even enjoyable experience.

Transform your customers’ telephone on hold experience with Enhancer.

  • Increase revenue.
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Enhance your image
  • Operational efficiency

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Your opportunity to Improve operational efficiency and save millions of dollars each year.

We can help you get your IVR right

  • Comprehensive audit + competitor review
  • Benchmark to global standards
  • Call flow design & scripting
  • Professional voice talent, music & production

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