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Established during the Asian crisis of 1998, Equal Strategy has over 25 years of experience helping ‘game-changing’ brands connect with their customers on an emotional level, strengthen relationships, and enhance brand experiences.

Equal Strategy helps brands in Asia add new dimensions to how they connect with their customers by offering integrated high-quality music, and fragrance solutions for public and employee spaces.

We know that a strong brand image, attention-grabbing advertising, and dynamic social media footprint impact a brand.

But what about the subtle yet powerful influence of the right music in a restaurant or a fragrance that evokes a particular emotion in a hotel lobby?

We work with and manage the powerful brand connections made by music and fragrance to enhance brand equity and create environments conducive to increased sales and loyal customers.

Our techniques and innovative delivery methods using the scientifically-proven application of music and fragrance and applied in a brand context, for over twenty years, have been adopted by some of the most forward thinking brands in the region, who know they must find every opportunity to achieve competitive advantage.

Welcome to Equal Strategy.

What sets us apart?

•  Established 23 years ago during the Asian financial crisis of 1998.

•  Innovation – we were the first business in Asia to provide integrated music and fragrance services based upon scientific behavioural science.

•  Detailed and intimate industry experience as well as an in-depth understanding of the markets of Asia.

•  A holistic view of the customer experience, integrating music and fragrance, in a powerful combination yielding a truly synergistic effect.

•  A successful track record with some of Asia’s major businesses by providing solutions that work.

•  One point of contact; consult, design, curate, implement, manage and update as well as the rapid roll out of new content (literally overnight!).

•  The highest grade content from fine fragrances and the most advanced delivery equipment supported by proactive client servicing.

•  A continually growing 70+ million track music library.

•  Full service “white glove” agency with global coverage.

•  A passionate approach to meeting our clients’ needs.

•  Pushing the boundaries of innovative technology to deliver our services in smarter ways.

‘If you are looking for a company that is ultimately committed and passionate about what he brings to the table, and who will embrace your brand as it were his own, it will be difficult to find a better business partner.

Mark Fancourt – Vice President, Pan Pacific Hotel Group

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