Scent Marketing For Offices

Increase workplace productivity, and staff retention


Scent Marketing For Offices

It is no secret that happy employees translate into better productivity, but how can workplace productivity be increased? Scent marketing may just be the solution to this seemingly complex problem. Read on to find out how scent marketing can benefit the workplace.

How Scent Marketing Can Benefit Your Office

Boosts morale and productivity and reduce stress in employees

Studies have shown that the use of calming scents at the workplace, such as lavender and lemon can enhance employees’ work performance, soothe tensions and reduce stress.

Increases employee retention rate

The use of an appropriate scent can create an uplifting and pleasant working environment, boosting morale in employees and nurturing employee loyalty. Hefty recruitment costs can also be reduced for the company.

Covers unpleasant odours

Scenting can neutralise any unpleasant odours caused by pollutant sources and create a welcoming environment for both employees and visitors.

Enhances brand image and recognition

Scenting can serve to complete the look and feel of your office by complementing your existing layout, colours and lighting. With the right scent, you can create a relaxing atmosphere and leave a lasting positive impression on visitors.

Scents That Are Perfect For The Office

Read on to find out our top picks for office scents.


The woodsy and fresh scent of rosemary stimulates the mind, improves memory retention and relieves fatigue and headaches. A study revealed that simply inhaling the aroma of rosemary can lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol in your blood, effectively reducing anxiety and stress and enhancing focus on the tasks at hand.


The strong citrus scent promotes alertness and relieves tension, anger and anxiety at the workplace. It also enhances the perception of cleanliness and serves as an instant mood-lifter. A study revealed that typos were reduced by more than 50% in an office than used a lemon scent.


Lavender’s distinct calming properties are especially helpful for high-stress work environments. It soothes the nerves and reduces tension, which can help employees perform better even under high stress.

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