Multi-sensory marketing with scent enhances
storytelling and overall event experience

Scent Marketing For Events & Exhibitions in Singapore

Using Scent marketing for events offers a range of valuable benefits for event & exhibition companies. By incorporating unique and pleasant scents, events become more memorable and emotionally impactful, fostering brand recognition and an immersive theme experience.

Scent also reduces stress, extends attendee dwell time, and forms positive brand associations. It provides a competitive edge, differentiates events and exhibitions, and opens up sponsorship opportunities.

Equal Strategy has over 15 years of unparalleled experience scenting a diverse range of high-profile events and exhibitions in Asia. These range from outdoor concerts for F1 SGP (Padang), BMW World Singapore, Freq Music Festival at Infinity Studios, Podium Lounge, SWiTCH, Jazz Fest, Moet Hennessy Trade Exhibitions, Corporate events at Ritz Carlton Ballroom, to Shanghai Expo.

How Scent Marketing Can Benefit Your Event and Exhibition

Memorable Experiences

Scent has a powerful impact on memory and emotion. By using unique and pleasant scents, Singapore event companies can create memorable experiences that attendees will associate with the brand or event, fostering positive recall long after the event is over.

Brand Recognition

Scent branding allows event companies to enhance the distinctive olfactory identity of the client. Consistent use of a signature scent across the multiple events can reinforce brand recognition and help event attendees associate the scent with the company, brand or event theme.

Enhanced Event Theme Immersion

Scent can transport attendees into a specific theme or setting. Whether it’s a beach party with a tropical scent or a winter wonderland with a hint of pine, using scents that match the event theme intensifies the immersive experience.

Emotional Connection

Certain scents have the ability to evoke emotions and trigger positive feelings. By carefully selecting scents that align with the event’s objectives, event companies can foster a deeper emotional connection between attendees and the event or brand.

Scent captures the attention of your audience like no other medium

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Extended Dwell Time

Pleasant scents can influence people’s perception of time and make them feel more comfortable and relaxed. As a result, attendees are more likely to spend more time at an event, increasing engagement and opportunities for interaction.

Reduced Stress and Anxiety

Events can be overwhelming for some attendees. A well-chosen scent, such as lavender or citrus, can have calming effects, reducing stress and anxiety levels among event participants.

Positive Brand Association

Associating a positive scent with a brand or event can have a direct impact on how attendees perceive the company or event. A delightful scent can create a positive association, leading to increased brand favorability and loyalty.

Competitive Edge

Scent marketing is still a relatively underutilized strategy in the events industry. By adopting this approach, event companies can gain a competitive edge and stand out from other events that focus solely on visual and auditory experiences.

Storytelling with Scent Marketing

Uniqueness and Differentiation

Scent differentiates an event from others in the minds of attendees. A distinct and memorable scent experience can set an event apart, making it more likely that attendees will remember and talk about it.

Enhanced Sponsorship Opportunities

Event companies can collaborate with sponsors to incorporate their branded scents into the event experience. This unique sponsorship opportunity can benefit both parties, creating a memorable experience for attendees while increasing brand visibility for the sponsor.

Multi-Sensory Marketing

Engaging multiple senses, including smell, creates a holistic and more impactful marketing approach. Integrating scent with visual and auditory elements strengthens the overall event experience.


Scent can be used as a storytelling tool, enhancing narratives and creating a more immersive journey for attendees. It adds another layer of depth to the event’s messaging and objectives.

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