Scent Marketing For Hotels

Connect with your guests' emotions and differentiate your brand.


Scent Marketing For Hotels

Scent marketing is the use of a strategically chosen fragrance diffused at customer touchpoints. With the right fragrance and strategy, a distinct and amiable brand identity can be communicated. Scent marketing is not just air freshening – when done right, it can create unique customer experiences and increase sales and brand loyalty.

Why Should You Make Your Business Smell Good?

Are you looking to bring the marketing strategy of your hospitality business to the next level, but unsure of what you should do? Perhaps it’s time to explore a scent marketing strategy that will not only complement your digital and traditional marketing strategies perfectly but also set you apart from your competition!

How Does Scent Marketing Work For Hotels?

The use of scent can shape your guests’ perception of your hotel and create unique guest experiences, which is a key trend for luxury, boutique and lifestyle-branded hotels. Enhance your environment and brand recognition with the use of a bespoke scent in specific areas of your hotel, such as the lobby, lounge, meeting rooms, spa, fitness centre and more.

Benefits Of Scent Marketing For Hotels

Creates a better brand experience

Guests are at the heart of any hospitality business – therefore, it is of utmost importance to create a pleasant and memorable experience for your guests. Ambient scenting can invoke and enhance positive emotions like happiness, relaxation and sensuality, and ensure a pleasant stay for your guests.

Nurtures brand loyalty

You’ve got a clean space, amazing amenities, and impeccable service – why not take it a step further and utilise scents to amplify your brand experience? Creating a bespoke scent is an effective way to establish a personal and unique connection with your guests, providing guests with a sense of comfort and familiarity that encourages them to keep coming back.

Enhances brand recognition

The sense of smell is linked to memory and can be a powerful tool in communicating the brand story – whether you wish to invoke a sense of excitement, comfort through familiarity or a sense of luxury or wellbeing, scenting is a highly effective way of establishing your hotel brand. A unique customised scent can serve to complement your brand logo and colours and is the perfect way to complete your brand story.

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