Support Policy

Support Policy

For the following policies, “provider” refers to Equal Strategy (S) Pte Ltd or Equal Strategy Sdn Bhd. “User” refers to a person or entity that is licensed and authorised to access and use Equal Strategy Systems. “Supplier” refers to the party from which the user obtains permission to access and use Equal Strategy Systems.

Support service

Taking into account the support fees paid by users, the provider will provide users with unlimited phone and email support within business hours. Support services will include phone calls, emails, and research hours conducted by the provider’s support staff. The user will report the incident by calling the telephone support service, logging into the customer portal, or via email.

1. Support Service

1.1 The provider shall provide or perform support services within the service time and at the frequency and duration deemed necessary by the customer to ensure the smooth operation of the provider’s system and to ensure that it meets operating specifications, and such support services may be available in The options performed or executed by the site or the provider’s office shall be entirely at the discretion of the provider.

1.2 After the supplier receives the customer’s request, if it is within the service time, the supplier shall respond and provide support services within twenty-four (24) hours after receiving the call or request. If it is located outside the local area, the above response time should be modified accordingly at the discretion of the provider. Response time does not include travel.

1.3 Support services should include the following:

(I) Restore the failed provider system to a proper working state;

(ii) Provide support via telephone, fax, e-mail and remote connection;

(Iii) If the support mentioned in item (ii) fails to correct any defects or errors complained by the customer, the support service shall be carried out on site by the provider according to the time and material rate;

(iv) The free program system updates the existing version of the installed system.

1.4 The support service does not include the correction of errors or defects caused by the following reasons:

(i) The provider’s system operates in a manner other than the provider’s explicit or implicit authorisation;

(ii) Accidents, abuse, incorrect use, negligence, abuse, alteration, addition or failure to provide by the customer to provide a suitable operating environment for the provider’s system;

(iii) Services or repairs performed by a third party without the authorisation of the provider, or use of the provider’s system for unexpected purposes.

(iv) Viruses or operating system defects caused by damage to the network and/or hardware security.

(v) Operating system defects and/or malfunctions.

(vi) Hardware failure of hardware not covered by the warranty and/or not provided by the provider.

1.5 The support service does not include the movement, addition or modification of any system. All Moves, Adds and Changes to all systems will be completed on a time and materials basis. All Moves, Adds and Changes to all systems will be completed on a time and materials basis.

2. Other support services

2.1 Before the start date, the provider can check any hardware and/or provider systems on the site that are not supported by the provider to determine whether they are in good working condition, and any repairs or services should be performed by the provider, provided The merchant has the right to charge fees based on time and material rates.

2.2 If the customer makes a written request, the provider can provide any service described in clause 1.4, or implement support options not included in this agreement. Provider may make such additional charges for providing such services at the Time and Material Rates.

2.3 The customer hereby agrees to pay all such additional support fees in advance after confirming the request.

3. Customer Contract

3.1 The customer hereby enters into a contract and promises to the provider:

(i) Provide a safe and stable connection with the provider’s system;

(ii) Ensure that the provider’s support personnel or other authorised personnel can access the site and provider’s system completely free of charge when required by the provider in order to provide support services, provided that the provider has given the provider appropriate and reasonable notice to the customer.

(iii) Provide an appropriate operating environment, which should be free of viruses and security defects that may affect the operation of the provider’s system that meets the provider’s system specifications, and its applicability will be fully determined by the provider;

(iv) Observe and comply with all operations and routine support procedures specified in the user manual provided by the provider;

(v) Do your best to ensure that the provider’s system is protected from unauthorised access or use by a third party, or any person’s physical abuse, damage or destruction during the period of this agreement;

(vi) The provider system may not be modified or merged without the provider’s prior written consent; and

(vii) The supplier’s system may not be copied without the supplier’s prior written consent. It should always be ensured that the customer can reasonably request a copy of the supplier’s system for backup and security reasons only.

4. Provider’s contract

4.1 The provider shall provide necessary support services to ensure that the provider’s system is maintained and/or restored to its normal working state.

4.2 The provider shall ensure that the provider’s system always operates in accordance with specifications and functions.

5. Disclaimer and limitation of liability

5.1 The supplier is not responsible for any loss of profit, loss of savings or other incidental or indirect damages suffered or suffered by the customer due to the supplier’s system failure directly or indirectly caused by the supplier’s system.

6. Termination

6.1 Either party shall notify the other party in writing at least thirty (30) days in advance to terminate this agreement.

6.2 Any termination or earlier decision of this agreement under this clause shall not prejudice any rights or remedies that one party is entitled to under this agreement or in accordance with the law, and shall not affect any accrued rights or liabilities of any party, nor shall it affect The conclusion or continuation of this agreement expressly or implies the validity of any terms that are effective or continue to be effective at or after termination.

If you have questions, please contact us at [email protected] or at one of our support centres:

Singapore +65 6817 7767
Malaysia +603 9212 2114

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